Zinc Carbonate

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High sodium carbonate type zinc carbonate

1, general data and product properties

★ molecular formula ZnC03 • 2Zn (OH) 2, H2O, molecular weight: 342.23

★ appearance and characteristics: white amorphous powder

★ chemical identification number CAS: 5970-47-8

Executive standard: the industry standard HG/T2523-07

2, chemical characteristics

Basic zinc carbonate synthesized by zinc sulfate and sodium carbonate. The chemical properties, in the use of different fields, it has accelerated curing, removal of hydrogen sulfide and sterilization function etc..

Our company produce high soda type carbonate 4800 tons / year, production of sulfuric acid production process using soda method. Product color is white, physical and chemical properties of excellent fluidity and stability; the company's zinc sulfate production workshop process: coarse dip - oxidation - replacement - two oxidation - replacement, selection of high quality raw materials, multi section removing technology, first-class equipment, top technology ensures that the solution of zinc sulfate purity. Company with excellent grade soda, dissolving, heating, filtration, to ensure the soda ash clean without impurities. From the beginning of zinc carbonate synthesis, reaction conditions by means of control, to ensure the basic zinc carbonate particle generation under state control; synthetic products using soft water rinsing, diaphragm filter press for solid-liquid separation, drying, particle size grading, a vibration sieve, packaging, equipment used in automatic control, equipment is made of 304 stainless steel. From the process, equipment to ensure product performance and stability; the company source for natural gas, hot blast stove drying air passes through the filter processing, to avoid the product appears black, in ensuring the product has good flowability and high specific surface area; water rinsing, soluble salt products is extremely low, up to GMP all products standards; vibration sieve is fineness guarantee, zinc sulfate pure manufacturing technology so that our products of lead, arsenic, cadmium heavy metals within 10PPM; excellent equipment, advanced technology, the management of ISO has created the excellent quality of the gem zinc carbonate.

3, application:

High sodium carbonate type zinc carbonate as skin protective agent in medicine; for zinc supplement in feed, but also for the synthesis of high purity zinc stearate.

In the industry used as light astringent and latex products, preparation Calamine Lotion, also can be used for desulfurization agent, catalyst industry, pore forming agent. In the rubber products, because the refractive index of zinc carbonate and rubber close, special for transparent rubber products, EVA foaming agent as.

4, packaging: 25kg, double packing, outer plastic woven bag, the inner layer is waterproof and moistureproof plastic bag.

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